Sarajevo, the quintessential crossroads between the East and the West. Today, a place where the heritage of eras passed is reinvigorated with a zest for new undertakings. And today, you see it all around you in Divanhana lounge, appointed in the very heart of the hotel. A cherished tradition. Yet at the same time, an eagerly anticipated future. Designed in the classical Bosnian style. Authentic. Neighbourly. Sincere.

Unique experience
Relish in our coffee delights as we serve you selected blends of Bosnian, Turkish and Arabic coffee. The specialty of the house is the Arabic coffee made from the finest Ethiopian Harari beans, one of the oldest coffee beans still produced. It is well-known for its distinctive fruity, wine flavour, blended with a wondrous taste of saffron. Indeed, a place like no other.

Opening hours:

Mondays through Sundays from 08.00 h until 23.00 h

Capacity: 35